Revision: 2.0

1.I cannot flash the OTA incremental updates! It fails with a Status 7!It could be caused by two reasons:
a) Gapps (/system/app/Provision.apk, /system/app/CalendarProvider.apk etc has unexpected contents.)
b) system files are modified (this includes flashing a custom kernel which replaces system files)

To solve:
1. Format /system (or else old gapps will be restored)
2. Flash full ROM
3. Flash OTA
4. Flash gapps from MoKee Centre

Future updates will be working...unless you are still using a custom kernel, where you must flash back the full ROM or restore the specific files if you know how...
2.What's up with RELEASE and NIGHTLY builds?Release: odexed, more stable, usually released once per week
Nightly: deodexed, cutting edge\/WIP features (maybe bugs?), updated daily
3.Why are there so many Chinese apps? Will they steal my personal data?Well the Chinese apps are targeted at the China users as the ROM was based in China, it's useful to them (think of MIUI, but has vanilla Android looks+open source+maintained by freelancers (MIUI is a company, we are not though, we do this for free))...:D...We have no intention to steal your data, but if you still feel insecure, you can uninstall most of them, or use Privacy Guard/disable them in Settings->Apps (the same as freezing them with Titanium Backup, or even delete them from /system/app.
4.What are the recommended gapps?Recommended gapps to use with MoKee: Note that they are the same as the ones in MoKee Centre.
5.This project is so cool! I want in!We welcome you to join forces if you are interested...:)

More info here:

Take note that the above isn't required for contributing code...:)